What is an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

An Interac® e-Transfer allows money to be sent to friends and family quickly, conveniently, and safely by email or smart phone using G&F’s Online or Mobile banking. Anyone with an account at a Canadian financial institution can receive the money, and no exchange of account information is required.

Are Interac® e-Transfers secure? Expand/Collapse

An email or text message acts as the notification that a transfer has occurred and provides instructions on depositing the money. The money is actually transferred over a secured network, and a security question ensures the money goes to the right person. For security, always use a unique security question and answer for each individual recipient. Ensure the email or phone number of your recipient is correct and up-to-date. Also, never put the answer to your security question in the message field when sending your Interac® e-Transfer.

What information do I need to make an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

Once logged in to Online Banking, you will need the recipient’s name, email address or mobile phone number, the transfer amount, and a unique security question and answer.

How do I send money? Expand/Collapse

You will need to create a recipient list before you can send money to someone using Interac® e-Transfer. The recipient’s name, email or mobile phone number, and a security question for the recipient are required.

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Click on Transfers > Send Interac® e-Transfer.
  3. If not previously setup for Interac® e-Transfers, choose Create Your Sender Profile.
  4. Transfer To: Select the recipient. Note: If the recipient is registered for Autodeposit, you will see a confirmation checkbox appear at the bottom of the page.
  5. Transfer From: Select the account you are withdrawing from.
  6. Enter the amount of money you’d like to send.
  7. Message: You have the option to write a message to the recipient. Note: Do not put the answer of the security question in your personal message.
  8. If the recipient has registered for Autodeposit, you will need to click on the checkbox to confirm that you understand that the recipient will not need to answer a security question to deposit the funds.
  9. Click Send Transfer.
  10. Click Confirm.

How do I receive money? Expand/Collapse

All G&F Financial Group members are able to receive Interac® e-Transfers by email or smart phone, as long as the sender belongs to a financial institution offering Interac® e-Transfers. Any money received will be directly deposited into your desired G&F account.

Option 1 – Accept the transfer manually

  1. You will receive an email and/or text message notifying you of the transfer. Click on the link to be directed to Certapay, an affiliate of Interac®.
  2. Select G&F Financial Group from the list of financial institutions. Follow the instructions to login to Online Banking.
  3. Enter the answer to the security question.
  4. Select the account where you would like the money to be deposited.

Note: You have the option to decline a transfer if you do not wish to have the money deposited in your account. There is currently no fee to receive an Interac® e-Transfer.

Option 2 – Accept the transfer automatically

You can use Autodeposit to have incoming Interac e-Transfers automatically deposited into your account. No more security questions to remember. You won’t even need to login to Online Banking. When someone sends you an Interac e-Transfer, it will be automatically deposited in your account and you’ll receive a deposit notification.

Click here to learn how to register for Autodeposit.

Why do I need to update the answer to my security question? Expand/Collapse

Effective September 1, 2019, Interac® will require new security answers – the question the sender asks the receiver to answer before funds are transferred. If you have not updated your security answer since September 20, 2018, you can expect to be notified of this change when you send an e-Transfer.

If you do not update your security answer before September 1, 2019, Interac® will delete your old answer and you will be required to enter a new security answer the next time you send an e-Transfer to your recipient.

I did not receive the Autodeposit registration verification email. What do I do? Expand/Collapse

If you have not received the Autodeposit verification email from Interac, first check your junk email folder. If you still can’t find the verification email, check that you have entered the email correctly in the rule by logging back into Online Banking.

Why do I still have to answer the Security Question after registering for the Autodeposit feature? Expand/Collapse

In order for the Autodeposit feature to work, both the sender’s Financial Institution and the receiver’s Financial Institution must be capable of handling the transfer. If the sender’s Financial Institution doesn’t support Autodeposit, you will still be required to manually answer the Security Question.

How can I change the email address or deactivate my Autodeposit registration? Expand/Collapse

To update the email address for an Autodeposit registration, login to Online Banking and navigate to the Interac® e-Transfer Autodeposit tab and choose to edit or delete the rule.

Why am I getting an email from Interac to keep my Autodeposit registration active? Expand/Collapse

Members who have registered for Autodeposit but have not received an Interac® e-Transfer for 12 months will receive an email from Interac to keep their Autodeposit active. This email notification is sent approximately 1 week before the expiry.

If I set up Autodeposit and then close my account, what happens if I get a new Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

The incoming Interac® e-Transfer will fail. The sender will be advised that the deposit has failed and that they will need to cancel the Interac® e-Transfer to reclaim their money.

How do I cancel an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

You can cancel an Interac® e-Transfer as long as it has not been deposited by a recipient.

  1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking. Go to the Transfers section.
  2. Click on the Send Interac® e-Transfer link.
  3. Click on the Pending e-Transfer link to see the transfer that you have sent that have not yet been deposited.
  4. Click Cancel to cancel the transfer.


How do I cancel an Interac® e-Transfer with Autodeposit? Expand/Collapse

It is important to know that you have a 30 minute security window to cancel an Interac e-Transfer that sent using Autodeposit.

To cancel an Interac® e-Transfer to a recipient that is registered for Autodeposit, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Click on Transfers > Send Interac® e-Transfer > Pending.
  3. Select the e-Transfer that you no longer want to send and click Cancel.
  4. You will be taken to a Confirmation page - click Continue.

Note: The e-Transfer funds will be deposited back into your account (less any service charge, if applicable). Neither you nor your recipient will receive notification of the cancelled e-Transfer.

How long will it take to receive money by email or smart phone? Expand/Collapse

Once an Interac® e-Transfer has been sent, it may take up to 30 minutes for the recipient to receive the notification. The length of time may also be affected by your email system and internet speed. Once the recipient accepts the transfer, the money is deposited directly into their account immediately.

How long does the recipient have to accept an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

The recipient has 30 days to accept an Interac® e-Transfer.  Once the Interac® e-Transfer expires, the sender receives an email indicating the transfer has expired and a link to re-deposit the funds into their account.  The sender has 30 days from the date of expiry to re-deposit the funds into their account.

What is the cost of sending an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

As of August 1, 2017, Interac® e-Transfers are free and unlimited for all personal members. For businesses and organizations, there is a non-refundable fee of $1.50 to send an Interac® e-Transfer. This fee will apply even if the recipient declines the transfer or the transfer expires. All G&F members can receive Interac® e-Transfers for free. Depending on the recipient’s financial institution, they may be charged a fee for receiving your Interac® e-Transfer

What is the cost of using the Request Money feature? Expand/Collapse

There’s no charge for Personal members to use the Request Money feature.

Business members will be charged $1.50 for Request Money transactions that are fulfilled.

Are any business or organization accounts exempt from the fee? Expand/Collapse

Interac® e-Transfer fee currently applies to ALL business and organization account types including package accounts and community accounts.

Are there limits to how much I can send or receive in an Interac® e-Transfer? Expand/Collapse

To protect our members from online fraud and for enhanced member security, we have implemented the recommended security limits, as mandated by our service provider, on the amount a person can send or receive in an INTERAC® e-Transfer.

Please note that the daily limits are re-set on a rolling basis (e.g. if you hit your daily limit at 5:00 pm, your limit will be re-set the following day at 5:00 pm).

Per transaction Sending limit Receiving limit
Daily $10,000 $10,000
Weekly $70,000 $70,000
Monthly $300,000 $300,000

There is no minimum on the amount you are able to send.

Can I send an Interac e-Transfer to someone outside of Canada? Expand/Collapse

Only Canadian dollars can be sent and deposited to a Canadian account, at this time. In addition, the recipient should have access to their financial institution’s Online or Mobile Banking environment.

Can the recipient receive an Interac® e-Transfer without access to online banking? Expand/Collapse

Yes. The recipient will be able to deposit the money by registering with Certapay, an affiliate of Interac®.