Request money

Request Money allows members to easily request money they are owed or to use as a friendly reminder when friends or family may have forgotten to pay them back.

There’s no charge for Personal members to use the Request Money feature. Business members will be charged $1.50 for Request Money transactions that are fulfilled.

Once sent, Interac® e-Transfer Request Money transactions are available for fulfillment for up to 30 days. Interac will send an email reminder to the recipient automatically after seven days and members also have the option to send up to five manual reminders to request payment within the 30 day time period.

Using the Request Money feature

To request money via Interac® e-Transfer, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Click on Transfers > Request Interac e-Transfer.
  3. Input the required information on the Request Money via Interac® e-Transfer page.
  4. Request From: Select the contact to request funds from.
  5. Acknowledge your consent to request funds by clicking on the checkbox.
  6. Amount: Input the amount of money you are requesting.
  7. Invoice #: You have the option to add an invoice number (this number will appear in the Interac® e-Transfer email to your recipient).
  8. Invoice Due By: You have the option to select or input a due date. Note that the “Due By” date cannot exceed 30 days in the future.
  9. Message: Write a message describing what your request for money is regarding.
  10. Deposit To: Select the account in which to deposit the incoming Interac® e-Transfer once your request is fulfilled.
  11. Click You’ll be taken to the Request Money – Confirm page.
  12. Review the information and click Confirm to complete the request.
Note: Once confirmed, the Request Money notification email will be sent immediately. The Request Money transaction will appear in the initiator’s list of Pending Interac e-Transfers.

Watch this video about Request Money: