Smart Money Manager

We're excited to announce improvements to online banking! Introducing G&F Smart Money Manager - a suite of tools in online banking designed to give you the 'big picture' view of your finances.

With interactive features, such as the ability to create and manage budgets and track spending habits, you will have increased visibility into your financial situation and can make informed decisions to help you reach your goals, faster.

Here are some Smart Money Manager highlights:

Track your finances safely and securely

  • Track your spending to become familiar with your financial habits
  • Your member information is safe and secure - in a trusted online banking environment

Create budgets that work

  • You will start off with a budget based on your transactions from the past five months
  • Budgets can be easily adjusted and changed as your financial needs grow and evolve

Transactions are categorized automatically

  • New transactions are automatically categorized
  • Re-name categories and create sub-categories to customize the tool to make it work for you

See the big picture

  • Link accounts from other financial institutions, giving you the ability to view your financial landscape in one centralized place
  • Add in other financial information, such as cars, homes, investments and loans to get a true 'big picture' sense of your finances

Go mobile

  • Smart Money Manager is adapted to work with our G&F Financial Group mobile app, so you can view your financial picture on-the-go

For more information about the Smart Money Manager, please see our FAQs or contact our G&F Member Hub.